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Hello Natalie Ryan!

Posted on March 01 2018

Freckles Creative Studio has become Natalie Ryan!

I am so excited to announce that I am retiring the Freckles name and bringing a bit of myself back into the business, as well as someone very special to me.

Freckles has always been for women. Products for women of all ages to gift to their friends, family and loved ones or to keep a little something for themselves. It is with those women in mind that Freckles products even exist.

Moving forward, I'm thrilled to put my name on this business. To lay claim to the bright and happy products that go out into the world. Even bigger than me, I'm excited to bring a name that is very special to me into the mix.

I've always looked up to my younger sister, Marisa (literally, she's 6 feet tall and has legs for days!). She may be younger than me but she's such an inspirational young lady and I'm proud to be her big sister. Her middle name is Ryan, which I've always admired as an interesting middle name for a girl and when the time came to need to re-brand Freckles - including that sense of sisterhood was the right fit. 

Natalie Ryan is still the same fun-loving brand with great quality products and inspirational and colorful designs! If anything, even more of the colorfully sophisticated style you love will come to life with the change of Freckles to Natalie Ryan - I'm feeling a sense of re-motivation and inspiration!

Thank you for always being such a supportive community here in my corner of the internet!! I'm so happy you are here :)




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