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April 2019 Featured Designer: Carrie of Oh Hello Design Co.

Posted on March 31 2019

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, trees are coming back to life, the sun is shining and the last bits of winter are melting away. It will come as no surprise that I love spring and summer because of all the color. Which is also why one of my dear friends, Carrie, is a perfect match to be the Featured Designer for April. We are two peas in a color loving pod!
Carrie and I met when I was living in Oklahoma City and we've been bouncing ideas off one another ever since. She makes the MOST adorable painted door hangers and has a real talent for hand lettering. She mixes colors beautifully and is a real hoot to follow on Instagram stories. Here are a few of my favorite door hangers that are perfect to add some fun to your front door for spring from Carrie's Etsy shop, Oh Hello Design Co.
Read on to see the wallpaper she designed this month and a fun interview.
Oh Hello Design Co for Natalie Ryan
Family Name Scroll - would be cute with a colorful floral wreath!
Welcome to Our Home, wood with oranges
Hi, black and white with pom trim - have Carrie customize the border color to match your front door
Click here to download the wallpaper Carrie designed just for Natalie Ryan and enjoy a little pick me up every day as your phone background! 
BONUS: Carrie is offering FREE SHIPPING in her shop, Oh Hello Design Co., during the month of April 2019. Hop over to her online store and use code "NATALIE" at checkout. 


Name: Carrie Hill

What do you do? I am the owner of Oh Hello Design Co. where I design and create hand painted wooden door hangers and home decor. 

Who or what inspires you? I find inspiration lots of places. Bright colors get my mind racing and my heart pumping but so does black and white. I’m still one of those who love jumping on Pinterest and letting random images inspire me. Images of homes make me think of what I would design for that person and their front door. Pretty gardens make me think of what color possibilities are out there.  But probably one of the funniest places I find inspiration is creeping on Instagram accounts that make decorated cookies!  Those creatives have some fun ideas for sure!

Do you prefer coffee or cocktails? Both coffee and cocktails but only if I can get them made exactly to my liking. Black coffee is never okay with me and neither is a cocktail with a vegetable. 

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?  So this might be a hard one to nail down or fit into a box but have you seen those crayons where you put several broken pieces into a mold and after you melt them down they create this beautiful swirled rainbow crayon?  Well this would be me. I would be a rainbow crayon!  I love the mixing and matching of color and I love how when you see color in a new place it brings joy and excitement so my crayon would be called Jumbled Joy.  

What is one thing that makes you smile every day? My husband has made me laugh for the last 6,205 days and always knows how to make me smile. My kiddos also have a way of making me smile on the daily. I’ve created some hilarious tiny humans. 

Your website:

Favorite social media platform to find you on: Insta for sure! @ohhellodesignco

BONUS: Carrie is offering FREE SHIPPING in her shop, Oh Hello Design Co., during the month of April 2019. Hop over to her online store and use code "NATALIE" at checkout.



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