Making Hard Decisions... Goodbye Envelope Liners

Posted by Natalie Ann Spencer on

My word for 2017 is "Hooray!". I chose this word in an effort to celebrate wins, big and small, for longer than 5 minutes and to focus on things that make me feel like shouting "Hooray!" inside and out. 

Earlier this year, after our first gift market, I realized that part of the Freckles product offering no longer made me shout "Hooray!". After I started letting this sink in, I was able to also see how many other people agreed (some pretty blatantly at market)... and how I had been unintentionally ignoring those opinions in an effort to push forward. What I didn't realize is this was actually holding me and Freckles back. 

After MUCH consideration (sleepless nights, confiding in people who are super smart and so many pros and cons lists), Freckles will no longer be lining envelopes as part of our greeting card designs. 

I've been working to make Freckles greeting cards fun and different in other ways (fear not, quality colored envelopes will NEVER change. They are too special) while also working to standardize our cards within the stationery industry as a whole, like upping the size from 3.5" x 5" to 4.25" x 5.5". 

As business Natalie: What it REALLY boils down to is time and money, like most business decisions. It costs a LOT per liner to outsource printing, cutting, folding and gluing and equally as much time if my team and I were still doing all of that ourselves by hand. We're in a place of growth where neither of these are long term options. In fact, continuing either way would hinder us from pushing into other product categories (sneak peek on those below).

As regular Natalie: This may seem like such a small change but behind the scenes and for me mentally and emotionally this is a big change that needs to happen for the better. I've loved our liners but they no longer fuel a passion for me, or you it seems. 

Plus, from the opinions I've been listening to... the cards are what y'all love! The liners are fun but most of you could live without. 

So now you will! haha!

As of this weekend, we are clearing out what is left of our cards with lined envelopes (50% off, shop here!), and moving forward with our new style.

This change is opening up opportunities in other FUN product categories... like mugs, wine glasses, pens and journals (like this beauty that you can pre-order for 25% off through this weekend!) 

I appreciate each and every one of you and the feedback and support you've provided through the years. This will be a good change and I'm excited to make it happen for y'all and myself!! Peace out envelope liners... hello sleek, clean, fun Freckles cards! 



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