How to download and use Freckles phone wallpapers

Posted by Natalie Ann Spencer on

Let me show you just how easy it is to download, save and enjoy the Freckles phone wallpapers...

So the refreshing and energizing feeling of a new month is a time I greatly look forward to every 30 days. The 1st rolls around and the slate from the last month is wiped clean... It's an automatic feel good day!

The first day of each month is also an exciting day for Freckles because a FREE, new phone wallpaper download becomes available in the shop! A new phone background adds another layer to that oh so refreshing feeling.

Freckles phone wallpaper downloads are bold and fun patterns from other Freckles products like our stationery, office or home goodies. The patterns are re-formatted for phone (or desktop) screens and then made available just for you, for free.

I personally love switching up my phone background a lot... mostly because it's easy to do and it satisfies the need for "something new" us ladies feel, without spending a dime!

Watch this short video and then grab a new wallpaper in the shop for yourself!


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