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May 2019 Featured Designer: Casey of Helmies OKC

Posted on April 29 2019

Oh Oklahoma City... how I miss you and all your talented artists and sweet people. The 2019 featured designers have featured several ladies from OKC because I just can't help it! They have a soft spot in my heart... and Casey with Helmies OKC is no different.

2 words - pet portraits. Let's be honest, most of us love our pets more than some of the humans in our lives and one of Casey's specialties is pet portraits on wooden round slabs. They are so adorable and perfectly capture their little pet personalities! Casey is a truly talented artist and she has some very beautiful designs in her online shop. Hop over to her website to check it all out and read on for a fun interview from her below.

Click here to download the wallpaper Casey designed just for Natalie Ryan and enjoy a little pick me up every day as your phone background! But seriously... it's adorable.

BONUS: Casey is offering 10% off one item in HER shop, Helmies OKC, during the month of May 2019. Hop over to her online store and use code "NATALIERYAN" at checkout.

Casey Winfield
What do you do?
I am an artist and owner of my small business, Helmies OKC. I primarily paint pet portraits and custom florals on wood rounds and have recently added more digital designs to my store! I love creating these special pieces for my clients and always feel so honored when they trust me to bring their vision to life. 
Who or what inspires you?
My grandmother painted beautiful florals on fine china and have always found inspiration in her paintings. I knew from a young age that I wanted to follow in her footsteps! I also find a lot of inspiration in mid-century decor and lettering artists such as Lauren Hom and Lauren Ronquillo. My community inspires me as well, I am so lucky to live and work in such a supportive and uplifting area!
Do you prefer coffee or cocktails? 
Both! I drink coffee more often than cocktails and prefer just plain, black coffee. If I am having a cocktail then I prefer the roasted pineapple margarita from Barrios in OKC or, my signature drink, a Long Island Iced Tea.
You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?
I think I would be a grayish dark green, kind of like a vintage chalkboard. I know, it sounds simple but it’s my favorite color, super versatile and goes with everything! I think my color would be called “Comfort Green” because it’s so relaxing.
What is one thing that makes you smile every day?
My pets! I have three rescue dogs (Charlie, Ollivander, and Langford) and a hedgehog named Buttons. Charlie is a one-eyed Lhasa Apso, Ollivander is an Aussie, and Langford is a German Shepherd mix. They are all such characters and make me smile and laugh every single day.  They were the reason I gave pet portraits a try and I am so glad I did! 
Favorite social media platform to find you on: Instagram! @helmies_okc
BONUS: Casey is offering 10% off one item in HER shop, Helmies OKC, during the month of May 2019. Hop over to her online store and use code "NATALIERYAN" at checkout.



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