Vibrant Must-Haves for Back to School

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How did this happen?! How are (beautiful, heart warming) school supplies already lining the shelves ready for perfectly organized desks and backpacks? Summer has flown right on by!

Even though it's still hot as h*** in Oklahoma City and definitely still feels just like summer, The beginning of August will always signify "back to school"... no matter what the temperature is outside.

While I'm currently in a phase of life (post college and pre-children) where "back to school" doesn't truly mean "back to school" (thank goodness), I can't fight the feeling to stock up on office supplies because they SUCK ME RIGHT IN. Damn you Target.

back to school must haves school supplies office supples

I've found some adorable and colorful items that are PERFECT for back-to-school, some of which are office supplies and some are just plain adorable to make going back-to-school more exciting.


1. Backpack sign from Oh Hello Design Co. - YOUR KIDS NEED THIS! Or at the very least... you need this sign for first and last day of school photos as something to make you smile, other than your adorable children of course. I love this sign because you can use it TWICE in a year, more bang for your buck. Plus it's gender neutral while still colorful and can be stored away to use again next year and the next and the next (until your kids have touched it enough with their little kid fingers that you should probably get a new one haha!) 

2. "Things To Do" insulated tumbler from Ashley Brooke Designs - because back to school means being on the move. It's important to stay hydrated... but only after you've had an iced coffee. This tumbler holds both!

3. Happy Face lunch bag from - this little cutie is for everyone! Adorable for kiddos lunches but I can totally see you rocking this lunch bag at the office too. Plus, lunch is definitely a smile worthy occasion.

4. The best pencils in the world from Paper Mate - I love these pencils because they have a wide barrel and they come in such fun colors! They are a mechanical pencil while feeling like a pen when it's in your hand. Plus, amazing price point!

back to school tote bag teacher tote bag school supply tote bag

5. "Time for School" tote bag from Freckles - This cutie is BRAND NEW and you're hearing about it FIRST right here on the blog!! Just in time for back to school and perfect for toting basically all the things. You can use this tote as is with our "time for school" text OR it can be personalized!! Teacher's name, your name, kids names... it's vibrant and fun for anyone.

You'll be the hippest mom in the carpool line now! Let us know if you scoop up some or all of these items.

Cheers to school supply season!


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